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I have been studying and reading tarot for 15 years. It is truly one of my favorite things in the world. Through the cards we can go deeper into any area of your life you are looking for guidance. Questions around relationships, career or spirituality are great places to start. When we do a reading I will incorporate my knowledge of crystals, dream work, and visualizations. I also honor humor as one of the most powerful healing forces. I support my clients ability to connect with their own intuitive wisdom. Our focus will be to bring forth more awareness and growth into your life. 




A perfect reading for birthdays, the beginning of a new year, or times of transition. We will enter a space of curiosity and awareness and pull cards to help guide you wherever you are on your path.


Whether you are changing jobs or wanting to know more about your passions, we can use the cards to connect to your greater purpose. This reading supports career exploration and connecting to what inspires you.


Romantic relationships, friendships, and family bonds create opportunities for reflection and growth. Through the cards, we can connect to your questions and wonderings around relationships.



What They’re Saying

“I’ve had two readings now with Nikki, both at what I felt were pivotal moments in my life, and each was profoundly illuminating in its own way. The first helped me understand the possibilities that lay ahead on a potential career path, and the second got to the very core of what I was questioning at the time. I so admire the respect with which Nikki treats the craft and appreciate her sensitive intuition and guidance.”

Michelle Wheeler

"My experiences with Nikki's readings have been nothing less than phenomenal! In my readings she was very present and helped me discern the reading that would serve me best each time. Nikki also went above and beyond in describing and discussing each card as it pertained to me and my life. I will always use Nikki for readings at shifts and turning points through out my journey."

Jason Etter

“Recently I was able to experience a personal tarot reading and I was beyond excited! Not only did Nikki tap into my energy absolutely perfectly, she spent an extensive amount of time speaking about what each card meant for me and how they all tied into one another. I felt so wonderful and reassured about my life path after ending our session and was so happy to have made a connection with such a beautiful soul."

Nicole Cucuk





Seattle, WA